Posing next to a hand-painted, larger than life, friendly monster.

I’m a software developer living in Pittsburgh, PA. I work on enterprise WordPress websites and design systems at Penske Media Corporation.

I love CSS, and in my conference speaking and blog writing, I advocate for CSS to be treated more formally in code-bases. I help others to both see CSS as a programming language (yes, we write algorithms in CSS!), and to see themselves as programmers.

In addition to my job, I facilitate the weekly meetings for the WordPress Core CSS focus, where we are working on a CSS audit of the WordPress admin, and an ongoing initiative to overhaul the color scheme implementation.

Apart from my work in tech, I love to run, bike, and generally be outside. I’m learning Spanish, I create friendly monsters and occasionally create zines, and I read as much as I can.

I write about personal and tech-related topics.

And at this point, I am getting close to 10 years of content! Read more about me and my developer journey here, and keep scrolling to see popular and recent posts.

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    Really, I put a lot of effort into my website, and it is forever in-progress. I work on it with the hope that others will read my content and find something interesting, inspiring, or worthy of a smile.